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This blog is to be the chronicle of my attempts to learn home economics. Creative, DIY home and life management with an indie, crafty, green flair. Responsible and personally expressive "mistressing" of all that stuff that falls into the "life" category.

I'm crafting my own version of domesticity based on the indie craft and DIY movements and teachers like the writers of BUST, Pagan Kennedy, and Ariel Gore (not your grandma's housekeeping). Being house-proud has always been a struggle, but it's time to get it together. As of this moment, I embrace my domestic side, heavy on the irony of course (not your grandma's housekeeping)...and vow to change my ways and channel my inner Pagan Kennedy (the Martha for non-Marthas).

Feedback is welcome. Tips are appreciated. And if you have an uncontrollable desire to come and be my maid, the big pink door is open.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good Luck Movin' Up Cuz I'm Movin' Out

Time to move - again.  I think I'm going to have an aneurism before I finish this move.  But I am optimistic. The city of Raleigh is a mecca of culture with most of the bennies of living in the South.  There are communities of eco-minded and creative folks all over town.  And my own neighborhood is nestled sweetly among the trees and hills.  Raleigh's great for that - not mowing down all the woods in the name of progress. 
So moving itself, unfortunately, is not an eco-friendly endeavor.  Recycled boxes are available, but potentially filled with critter eggs to transpose to your new abode.  Not a pleasant thought.  So I got new boxes and recycled them afterwards to become something more than they were.  I also saved a few for projects, including a painting surface for giving my furniture a new lease on life.  I have a few pieces that need a little pizazz and some eco-friendly paint, so I now have a surface on which to take this on.