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This blog is to be the chronicle of my attempts to learn home economics. Creative, DIY home and life management with an indie, crafty, green flair. Responsible and personally expressive "mistressing" of all that stuff that falls into the "life" category.

I'm crafting my own version of domesticity based on the indie craft and DIY movements and teachers like the writers of BUST, Pagan Kennedy, and Ariel Gore (not your grandma's housekeeping). Being house-proud has always been a struggle, but it's time to get it together. As of this moment, I embrace my domestic side, heavy on the irony of course (not your grandma's housekeeping)...and vow to change my ways and channel my inner Pagan Kennedy (the Martha for non-Marthas).

Feedback is welcome. Tips are appreciated. And if you have an uncontrollable desire to come and be my maid, the big pink door is open.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Excuse the ugliness, and other reformatting issues

I am reformatting right now.  It started with my whole life, and trickled down to my blog - sort of backwards, but what are you going to do?  I can't wait to decorate and reformat my new living space.  However, in the meantime, I came across the new template designer on Blogger.  And of course I was compelled to try it out.  I ended up with a pretty hideous blog there for a week or so, and just realized how bad it was tonight when trying to show my college English students how to sign up for a blog.  I pulled mine up on the projector and winced.  Everyone was very polite, but I had to bite my cheek to go on with the lesson until I could fix it on a break.  Whew.  New matchy colors and a pleasant pink stripe have eased my design pain for a little while, and I will try not to think of this debacle ever again.  But it's still not right.  Be careful of compulsions in your non-Martha world.  Sometimes inspiration is not inspiration, but obsession.  And obsession is not usually very pretty - and your bunny ends up paying the price. 

I need to meet a nice graphic designer who can hook me up with the funkiest blog on the block, but until then - or until I get my own copy of CS4 - I will work with the resources I have.  Like the fabulous black and white damask curtains that are now hung in my 5th residence in 2 years (3rd in 5 months).  This brings me to my lesson for this section of my life and the oh-so-important sub-theme for this post - the resourcefulness, not the damask. Perhaps like many of you, I have emerged from this difficult recessionary period a humbler, more grateful version of myself.  With a rather intense ironic streak that may have been buried for a while, and an equally intense dependence on damask.  (It's on my dishes and coffee cups, too, but I'm not obsessed.  Really.)  Viva la modern Victorian!

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